Hands Free Domains – For Retail Stores

We call our website builder software "Hands Free" for a reason. We feel that we can take a great burden off your hands in handling your web presence on an ongoing basis. This will allow you to focus on sales and growing your business, leaving us to maintain and grow your web presence.

We offer a hybrid between custom database design and other web builder platforms. You get both the full features of custom design at the low cost of web builder program, with all the bells and whistles expected of a shopping website. We will design, build and maintain your unique website and domain to your specifications. We have our own inhouse Design and Software specialists. Once we have your new website online, in 1 or 2 weeks, we offer various maintenance plans to keep you running week in and week out fully up to date.

We offer website building for both wholesale vendors and retail stores.

Please link to our Wholesale Web Builder Software page if you are a wholesale vendor

Retail Store Web Builder Software

We build a fully functional up to date, database driven retail websites.

This is a stand-alone website with your own domain name, your own URL. It would replace the website you have now or could be your first online retail store website Your new website will be fully functional, generating orders making it easy and inexpensive to have a fully functioning database driven website.

Our first completed web site was for KMI Floral. They are very happy with their new site. Here is a link to view retail.floralkmi.com

We offer two packages for Retail Store Website Builder:
  • 1) Basic Platform (includes free store advertising 1 year at ShopHereShopThere.com)

    Complete "Handsfree" Full Website Setup, we do it for you, of your new website and ongoing monthly hosting fee: $35.00 / month. If you prefer to take it from here and do all your own updates of products and changes to the site, this is the monthly ongoing hosting cost.

  • 2) Full Feature Platform (includes free store advertising 2 years at ShopHereShopThere.com)

    If you would like a "Handsfree" Set up of your website and then ongoing website maintenance and product / seasonal updates, in which we keep your website up to date, then this option is for you. We guarantee satisfaction year-round as we maintain and update your website so you do not have to deal with it. Monthly hosting and updating cost: $65.00

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